Moscow seeks to control the Golan Heights in Syria to keep Iran away from Israel

The Russian forces stationed on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights are trying to avoid the Iranian military presence near the Israeli border, according to the local Russian news website Ria Novosti.

The Russian website, in a report by Israeli analyst on Middle East issues, Ehud Yaari, referred to the activity of local paramilitary groups dubbed the Hauran Army, which the Russian side is betting on to prevent an Israeli-Iranian confrontation.

The website reported that “Yaari” stressed that Moscow is striving to ensure the control of the military police on the Syrian side of the Golan, so that it is communicating with the local opposition forces, which are the Hauran militias that Russia established two years ago.

Ehud Yaari pointed out that these formations are units of former opponents who gathered around “Ahmed al Awda”, commander of the eighth brigade in the Fifth Corps supported by Russia.

The Hauran Army derives its name from the Hauran Plain, located in southern Syria, at the foot of the occupied Golan Heights.

The Russian website said that “during the entire armed conflict in Syria, this region changed the shield” of its supporters regularly, from the Free Army to followers of ISIS until they were expelled from there a few months ago “after which many of its elements join the Fifth Corps.

The Russian website indicated that Hezbollah is trying to establish its own regime in this region, seeking to gain a foothold on the mountainous borders with Lebanon and the neighboring lands adjacent to the occupied Palestinian borders. 

Hezbollah has headquarters in Horan, which is disturbing these local factions.