Kurdish lobby affiliated with the SDF lobbying in the United States

The Syria Democratic forces is hiring a pressure group in Washington to exclude the Kurdish administration from the Caesar Act sanctions, and to curb Turkey.

The leaders of the Syria Democratic Forces, whose Kurdish mainstay are, have hired pressure groups in Washington to avoid falling under the new US sanctions legislation and deny Turkey the support of Washington for its offensive operations. 

The US imposed sanctions under Caesar Act, which bans any ties with Syrian government, entered into force. 

The Kurdish administration, which sells northeastern Syria resources to the central government, which is denied access to these areas, can also fall under the influence of the US law.

Accordingly, Kurdish leaders signed a six-month contract with famous lawyer Ayal Frank and his company AF International to lobby for their interests in Congress and in the administration of President Donald Trump.

“The SDF hired Eyal Frank to receive recommendations in the area of ​​pressure relations, and consultations with administration officials and members of Congress on issues important to them by SDF,” said the former US State Department’s Special Envoy for Political Transition in Syria, Frederick Hof. 

Frank has played a key role in the establishment of the US-Kurdistan Business Council for many years, so he obtains SDF’s absolute confidence. 

He is not just an expensive lobbyist, buy at someone’s recommendation”.

The former US diplomat does not rule out that legislative amendments to the “Caesar Act” would prevent unintended negative consequences of this document, which gives the United States the right to impose restrictive measures on organizations and people who provide direct or indirect assistance to the Syrian government.

Moreover, Washington has not yet commented in detail on the possible inclusion of the northeastern administration in the sanctions lists. 

The Kurds could become an exception to this legislative initiative.