Defense News: Greece has requested 50 Turkish drones

It seems like Greece showing Turkey a face of hustilty, while the requesting to buy Turkish miltery eqoupments, and the more ironic, Turkey is sellng them.

The US “Defense News” website confirmed that a Turkish company specialized in manufacturing drones has announced a contract to sell 50 mini tactical drones to the Greek Ministry of Defense.

The website, quoting “Assuva Savunma Sanayi” last Tuesday, noted that “two Proton Elic RB-128 drones were sent to Greece and successfully passed acceptance tests”.

It is “the first export deal for the company to a member state of NATO and a member of the European Union,” said Ramzi Basbug, company president.

He added, “We got all the export licenses necessary to export to Greece,” stressing that “the company previously sold the same aircraft systems to the Turkish, Chinese and Sri Lankan Armed Forces”.

This drone can be used for search and rescue missions, and to uncover underground bunkers, explosives, landmines and chemicals.

The Turkish made drone features a thermal camera, which can take pictures from a distance of up to 1 km, and at a depth of 50 meters underground.