The IDF posted photos alleging an infiltration route for Hezbollah militants who tried to carry out an attack before the Israeli army opened fire on them

The Israeli newspaper “Israel Hume” reported on Wednesday, that the IDF believes that if the Lebanese Hezbollah intends to make another infiltration attempt across the borders between the two sides, it will do so before the Islamic Eid al Adha holiday.

“Israel Hume”, noted that, in general, the security and military establishment believes that Hezbollah will make another attempt to carry out a cross-border attack before the holiday.

The IDF remains on high alert on the northern border, although no forces or other military targets have been deployed on the same border so that they are not Hezbollah targets.

The IDF announced on Tuesday that it was decided to send more reinforcements to the northern area, in the wake of Israel’s announcement that it had thwarted an attempt to infiltrate Hezbollah members in the Shebaa Farms.

 Hezbollah denied any clashes with the Israeli army.

The border tension came after the Israeli army announced last Thursday to reinforce its forces on the northern border, after threats by Hezbollah to respond to Israel’s recent assassination of one of its leaders in Syria.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the headquarters of the northern military region, and said: “All that is happening now is the result of an attempt by Iran and its proxies in Lebanon to place a military position in our region… and Hassan Nasrallah (Secretary of the Lebanese Hezbollah) serves the Iranian interest at the expense of the Lebanese state”.

Netanyahu warned Hezbollah of the consequences of the escalation, saying: “I would not advise anyone to test our army or the state of Israel”.

On Wednesday, Israel released photos, the first of what it said was the path of Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas who infiltrated into its territory on Monday, and tried to carry out an attack, according to Israeli media.

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot said that the photos from the scene reveal the course of the gunmen and the effects of the Israeli shooting towards them.

The Israeli newspaper claimed that the armed group, which numbered between 3 and 4 people, infiltrated near an Israeli army position in the Jabal al Rus area at the Lebanese border, before the army opened fire towards it and forced it back, leaving behind some of its military hardware.

On Monday, Hezbollah denied that militants affiliated with it had infiltrated the Israeli side of the border, asserting that Israel had “blessed the attack”.

Lebanese media reported, at the time, that Israel had fired dozens of shells into the disputed area of ​​the Shebaa Farms, claiming that the alleged attempted infiltration was countered.

In a related context, the private Israeli channel 12 revealed, on Wednesday, that the UN peacekeepers “UNIFIL” arrived in the Lebanese region that was targeted by the IDF shells.

The aim of UNIFIL’s investigation is to know the identity of the people who were shot by the IDF, whether or not they were armed, and the type of weapons the army used to remove them, according to the same source.

The investigation team will also examine whether a violation of sovereignty has been committed by any of the parties, whether Hezbollah, which Israel says infiltrated its territory or the IDF that fired on Lebanese territory.

This comes on the heels of increased tension between Hezbollah and Israel, which it says is seeking to respond to the killing of one of its members in an air strike on a site near the Syrian capital, Damascus, on July 20.