The 10 Commandments to revive the Syrian economy

It’s not a miracle… but also not easy, even though it’s absolutely intuitive.

The recipe for reforming the Syrian economy is now known even to the public, and if some of them change due to the change of the peculiarities of the circumstance, there remains what can be classified under the title of “the constants of reform”, and it been agreed on for years.

Obviously, the time has come for action and implementation… and people in Syria are blowing to the future, with paid bills in blood and pain… without losing hope, even for a moment.

There are the 10 Commandments to Save the Syrian Economy.

Yes, it’s a title that attracts the conclusion of a study that a group of Syrian researchers and economic experts came out with, as they are convincing and workable commandments.

First: fighting corruption among high-ranking officials, stressing out the importance to be dealt with the activation of government control and consumer protection from the crazy rise in life costs which the merchant controls, whether small or large, preventing monopoly and opening warehouses in which monopolists store their goods.

 Second: Controlling inflation by controlling and controlling prices, opening the doors of competition between importers and entry of new producers, i.e. not confining themselves to specific and favorable names.

 Third: Transparency in dealing with the Syrian citizen, appearing on the media and explaining the facts as it happening on the ground away from complicated expressions and failed optimism theories, and throwing mistakes on the other and outside.

Fourth: Developing a clear economic reform plan, with local Syrian national experiences, taking advantage of the experience of Germany and Japan.

There are tens or even hundreds of Syrian economic talents, graduates and graduates of Syrian universities, who are more knowledgeable about Syrian reefs than graduates of the United States… there are graduates of Washington and London as well.

So, adopting the real (social market economy) and not the disingenuous market economy that was adopted starting in 2003, with a gradual and hasty transition and explanation of the people’s economic plans… The social market economy is the origin of economic miracles, with an emphasis on centralization in the economy and politics, any federalism that will lead to an economic collapse in developing societies.

Fifth: Supporting medium and small projects, i.e. supporting a wide segment of society.

This is Germany, which supported medium and small agricultural, industrial and service projects that secured 80 to 90% of jobs, unless, in your view, German policy was a failure!

The necessary materials can be secured a large part of it from Syria, and the output will be disposed of in the local market and thus will reduce the need for import, that is to the dollar.

Sixth: Gradually raising the wages and salaries of workers, and the state is able to do so.

This increase will increase the purchasing power and facilitate harmony with the rise in the level of life, thus protecting the country from being affected by the fluctuations of the global economy.

Where will the employee receive his salary?

In the beaches of Florida, for example?

It is a wheel of funds that rotates between the employee’s pocket and the state’s wealth.

Seventh: Rebuilding the necessary infrastructure.

Here, recalling the Silk Road project, which Syria can be one of the most important steps for its strategic geographical location between the West and the East, which, if done correctly, would make Syria more important than Singapore and Dubai.

Eighth: Expediting the rehabilitation of destroyed factories and oil and gas wells before the winter, and most importantly highlighting the media in a wide, non-wood way.

Since the dollar’s ​​rise is “imaginary” but it is rising, then announcing that the production of an oil or gas basin exceeds hundreds of thousands of barrels, which is a fact and not a fake, will improve the situation of the Syrian pound and eliminate the illusion…

Ninth: With the implementation of the above, the attractive environment for investments will be ready, expanding its forms to secure job opportunities for the Syrian workforce, which consists mostly of the young generation.

The focus on industry is important, and what is also important is to direct the service-industrial sector towards digital industries, semiconductors, silicon, and software of all kinds.

Here it is right to go east to China.

Tenth: The development of a progressive tax system according to income, which is in place in Germany, as the wealthy and those with higher incomes pay a higher tax rate than people with limited income.

The Syrian capital owners who fled with their money, and opened factories in their new place of residence, were boasting of tax evasion in Syria because of “corruption”… In countries like Germany they pay taxes whether they like it or not.

In conclusion, the economic situation is bad, but it has not reached the worst yet, and treatment is possible and not impossible.

And by adopting a package of rapid, lasting and decisive economic measures and reforms, the Syrian economy can be saved and even improved in a short period of time.

Otherwise, things will quickly go towards full and complete collapse.