Iran locates the exit of the US fighters whose civilian plane was intercepted in order to deceive and bring down the Syrian air defenses

The Iranian authorities announced “the identification of the base that US fighters used to intercept the Iranian civilian plane in Syrian airspace last Thursday evening”.

“The Iranian authorities have revealed more than 90% of the details of this incident, including the base from which the US fighters launched,” said Hussein Amir Abdullahian, special assistant to the head of the Iranian Shura Council for International Affairs, in an interview with Iranian television.

On the Israeli position on the incident, Abdullahian said: “The Zionists are trying to carry out provocative actions on the one hand, and on the other hand, denying their role, adding that” the Zionists are currently living in a fragile situation”.

He continued, saying: “The Zionist entity immediately denied the threat of the Iranian civil plane from the site of fear, so the Zionist entity is not at the level that constitutes a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

“Under the air navigation laws of the Chicago Convention and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), warplanes have no right to intercept civil flights,” the Iranian official added.

On the legal and political measures taken by Iran regarding the US military threat to the Iranian passenger plane, Abdullahian said: “Legally, the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations in New York made a formal protest that night, and summoned the Swiss ambassador as a guardian of US interests in Iran, and the measures were taken Preliminary.

It is also possible for Iran to refer to the legal mechanisms at the international level”.

He pointed out that “this accident was not an ordinary accident, and he said that” there are various analyzes about this accident, and one of these analyzes is to deceive the Syrian air defenses and bring down the Iranian civilian plane”.

Official media in Iran had said that at least one US fighter had dangerously approached an Iranian passenger plane in Syrian airspace, and the Iranian mission at the United Nations announced that it would submit a protest letter to the UN Security Council, after the threat and exposure of an Iranian civilian airliner by a US fighter in Syrian airspace, while the United States acknowledged that one of its fighters approached the Iranian plane, but confirmed that it was “at a safe distance”.