Erdogan announces that Turkish intelligence has changed the rules of the game in Libya

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, on Sunday, that the information and operational support provided by the Turkish intelligence service in Libya changed the rules of the game and contributed to stopping the progress of Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army.

This came in a speech he made during his participation in the opening of the new intelligence service building in Istanbul, according to the Turkish Anadolu news agency.

Erdogan said: “The intelligence and operational support provided by the Turkish intelligence, played a role in stopping the progress of Haftar, who chose military methods instead of the political option for a solution”.

The Turkish president pointed out “the importance of the state’s intelligence apparatus because it constitutes a cornerstone for getting back on its feet”.

He cited in this context that “the Ottoman Empire suffered one of the greatest defeats in its history in the Balkan War (1913-1912), as the rulers of that period were unable for years to see the preparations of some societies to rebel against the state, due to the lack of a correct vision and acumen”.

Erdogan added, “Sultan Abdul Hamid II (1918-1842) saved the country from the clutches of many disasters without firing a single shot, thanks to the strength of his intelligence apparatus and his diplomatic genius”.

He explained that “thanks to the growing influence of foreign intelligence, Turkey has begun to occupy its place in all forums as a regional and global power”.

He added: “The gains that we have made in the areas of clashes, strengthen our strength at the negotiating table and give us the power to defend the interests of our people”.

He continued, “The intelligence service is a pivotal weapon in our historic struggle to build a strong and large Turkey, and it will remain so”.

He added that the Turkish intelligence service is conducting world-class activities in the field of cryptography, cyber security and satellites.

The Turkish president pointed out that the importance of the intelligence service is increasing in a period when science and its uses turned into a weapon.

He added, “It is not by chance that the intelligence service is at the forefront of the targets during our country’s historic struggle”.

The Turkish President stressed that his country’s intelligence service will intensify its activities “wherever this is required in line with Turkey’s interests”.

On the other hand, the Turkish defense sent a strongly worded warning to Greece, after Greek activists burned the Turkish flag in the city of Thessaloniki, amid escalating tensions between the two countries.

Condemned the Turkish Ministry of Defense in a tweet, the incident of burning the Turkish flag, calling on Athens to immediately put an end to such “provocations”.

“The dirty hands that extend to our dear knowledge will be broken,” the Turkish defense added.

The Greek city of Thessaloniki witnessed the burning of the Turkish flag in protest against the decision of the Ankara government to transform the historic Hagia Sophia landmark located in Istanbul into a mosque.

The relations between the two countries are experiencing a state of great tension, over Turkey’s quest to explore for gas in the eastern Mediterranean.