Clashes between anti-racism and police protesters in US cities after Trump’s deployment of federal security personnel

Several US cities witnessed a renewed confrontation between the police and demonstrators condemning racism and the deployment of federal security personnel on the orders of US President Donald Trump, at times interspersed with violence.

On Saturday evening, one person was shot dead on the sidelines of a demonstration in Austin, Texas.

According to local police, the victim was “most likely armed with a rifle” as he approached the car of the shooter, who was stopped and the authorities confirmed that he was cooperating with the investigations.

US media reported that the demonstrations took place in Austin in Texas, Louisville in Kentucky, in New York, Omaha, Oakland and Los Angeles in California, as well as in Richmond in Virginia, where the police launched chemicals on a Black Lives mater rally.

The demonstrations against racism and police brutality that began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis come at a time when Trump is fighting a difficult battle for his re-election under the slogan “law and order”.

In Portland, the police released tear gas and pepper gas to disperse demonstrators, a number of whom were arrested by federal security personnel after they tried to remove obstacles erected in front of the federal court, a journalist from France Press reported in this city, which is the center of anti-racist demonstrations in the United States.

The protest movement in this city began, as throughout the country and the world, after Floyd’s death suffocated under the knee of a white policeman in Minneapolis. 

It borrowed as federal police arrived in mid-July in Portland.

In videos posted on social networks, federal security personnel appear in special forces uniforms, and without visible badges identifying them, they use camouflaged cars to arrest protesters, fueling the protest movement.

On Thursday, the Justice department opened a formal investigation into the measure, which is being carried out by federal police officers at the site, and has sparked intense controversy in the country.

Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot told CNN, “We will not allow unknown individuals to arrest, violate and detain their rights”.

On Wednesday, Trump, whose campaign focuses on restoring “order”, announced the reinforcement of federal security personnel in Chicago and other cities after increasing crime rates and shootings.

In the city of Seattle, in Washington state, on Saturday night, it was full of accidents.

Explosions exploded in some streets, while smoke billowed from a street where protesters set fire to the construction site of a detention center for minors, according to a journalist in France Press.

Some protesters tried to protect themselves from pepper gas, using parasols.

The Seattle Times, quoting police, reported that 45 people were arrested during the riots.

Local media quoted statements by the Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best saying that “the hooligans did not care at all about the safety of the population and the safety of the policemen, businesses and property they destroyed”.

US media reported that three people were slightly wounded by a gun Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky. 

But the police said the incidents were “accidental”.

In this city, heavily armed black activists from the NFC movement protested the death of Briona Taylor, a black woman killed by police in her apartment last March.

But the police were deployed to avoid any clash with participants of a white anti-white protest, also armed.