Within one week… the US forces are exposed to three incidents in Syria

The US forces in Syria suffered three incidents in one week, the last of which was the killing of a US soldier after his military vehicle was overturned.

An accident causes the death of a US soldier, on July 21, the American forces said that a member of the joint task force, “Operation Solid Torque,” was killed in an accident on the Hasaka road in northeastern Syria.

The statement stressed that the cause of death was a non-combat accident, explaining that a US armored vehicle overturned during its conduct of a military patrol in the northern countryside of Hasaka.

The US forces opened an investigation to find out the circumstances of the incident, whose registration spread on social media.

On July 18th, Russian military armored vehicles surrounded a US patrol near the city of Derek al Malikiyah, located 80 kilometers east of Qamishli, to direct the Russian officer to speak to the US questioning the legitimacy of their presence in Syrian soil.

The Russian officer stressed the legitimacy of the presence of Russian forces on Syrian soil at the invitation of the Syrian government and its President, Bashar al Assad, asking the American, “On what basis you’re here?”

The Russian officer called for stopping attempts to chase their patrols in the region, after these incidents occurred more than once in northeastern Syria earlier.

On July 12, a Syrian officer threatened US soldiers to burn their patrol if it returned again.

A video was posted showing the threat that occurred in the Mansaf Htani area in the Tel Tamr countryside in Hasaka countryside.

The officer said in the video, “I swear to God if they come tomorrow, will burn them inside”.

The ArmyTimes website reported on Thursday that nine US soldiers were killed this year, five of them were killed in Syria without a fight, as a results of accidents, while four others were killed in combat in Iraq.