US official: No exceptions in applying Caesar Act to Syria

Despite the positive resonances related to the possibility of the American authorities agreeing to exclude Lebanon from the effects of the Caesar Act.

The US State Department’s envoy to Syria confirmed, in a video session called by the Arab Center in Washington under the title:

“The US policy towards Syria after the Caesar Act”, that “there are no exceptions in the application of Caesar Act to anyone because it is a US law, and the law that has the support of the US Congress, both Republican and Democratic parties cannot be bypassed”.

Regarding Lebanon, Rayborn accused Syria of absorbing and depleting the Lebanese economy at the expense of the Lebanese, and that one of the reasons for the collapse of the Lebanese pound is the fact that Damascus and Iran withdrew huge amounts of foreign currency from Lebanese banks, according to his claim!

The Lebanese should be happy today after the imposition of the law because it focuses on the regime in Syria that was sucking the blood of the Lebanese economy, and that there are many benefits of the law for the Lebanese!