Trump cancels the Republican National Convention due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus in the southern United States

US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he had decided, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus emerging in the southern United States, to cancel the “grand” National Congress of the Republican Party, which was scheduled to be held in Jacksonville, Florida, next month to officially appoint the party’s candidate for the presidential elections.

Trump said at a press conference at the White House that this is not the time to hold a “large and crowded national conference”.

He added, “The timing of this event is not appropriate, not appropriate given the recent surge (in cases) in new cases of Covid-19, an epidemic in which the number of infections in the United States on Thursday exceeded four million laboratory-proven cases.

The US President noted that the conference activities will take place “via the Internet in some way,” noting that the Republican Party delegates who will officially dedicate it to the presidential elections will nominate the party candidate in North Carolina during a “reasonably fast meeting”.

Trump is seeking a second term in the November 3 election, in which he will compete for the Democratic Party and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Republican billionaire explained that the main motive behind his decision to cancel the National Congress is “safety”.

“I watched the media say, ‘Oh, this is totally unsafe”, he said.

“It is difficult for us to say that we have to have a lot of people stacked inside a hall and then say that it is not for others to do that”.

The US president considered that “nothing is more crowded than a national conference.

I think that by doing so we set an example”.