The Syrian army is preparing huge forces in Jabal al Zawiyah to the south of Idlib

Syrian opposition media sources said that on Wednesday and Thursday, the Syrian army sent two huge military convoys from the northern Hama countryside and from the east of Idlib areas to the outskirts of Jabal al Zawiyah, in order to conduct military action in the coming days with Russian support.

The sources said that a large convoy of 100 military vehicles, including 19 tracked tanks, in addition to BMP armored vehicles, military trucks, and pickup cars loaded with cannons 23 and 14.5 inch, headed Wednesday evening from the areas of Saraqib, Khan al Sabil, Dadeikh, al Dana and Babila were located in the southeast of Idlib, to the city of Kafr Nabl and the town of Kfarumah, the gate of Jabal al Zawiyah, south of Idlib.

The sources indicated that the convoy that was transferred from the aforementioned areas to Kafr Nabl and Kfaruma were all attacking forces that participated in the latest military campaign, the last of which was the city of Saraqib and its outskirts.

The sources added that a group of all his forces infantry forces stormed from the town of Qamhana in the northern countryside of Hama, Thursday morning, to the city of Kafr Nabl south of Idlib, in a reinforcement of the forces present there with the intention of military action in the Jabal al Zawiyah area.