The European Union calls on Washington to immediately raise its customs duties on its goods

European Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan Friday called on the United States to immediately raise “unjustified” tariffs on European products after Airbus Group’s compliance with air industries complied with WTO rules in its long-standing dispute with American Boeing.

“Unwarranted customs duties on European products are not acceptable,” Hogan said in a statement.

The European Commissioner stressed that the Union “made specific proposals to reach a negotiated outcome” in the context of this dispute.

He warned that “in the absence of a settlement, the European Union will be ready to use its rights to impose sanctions”.

The World Trade Organization allowed the imposition of US punitive taxes of up to 100% on goods imported from the European Union at a value of $ 7.5 billion, within the framework of the thorny file related to financial support for the European Airbus and American Boeing groups.

Since October 2019, 25% taxes have been imposed on other products, including wine and cheese.

Last March, Washington decided to increase the tariffs imposed on Airbus aircraft imported from Europe from 10 to 15%.

Washington originally decided to impose taxes in response to subsidies received by the European aircraft manufacturer and the World Trade Organization considered it unjustified.