Russia plans to establish a research base on the moon in cooperation with China

Russia plans to establish a research base on the moon, likely in cooperation with China, according to the head of the Russian Aerospace Agency, Roskosmos in an interview.

“Russia and China recently decided to establish the lunar base together,” added Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian Space Agency, in the interview broadcast Thursday evening.

Rogozin did not reveal the date of the base’s establishment.

According to previous statements by Russian officials, a Russian manned mission may be sent to the moon within a decade from now.

Rogozin added that he had great respect for his Chinese colleagues, explaining that despite a recent series of accidents in the Chinese space program, “the Chinese continue to work and continue to test their insistence”.

Russia and neighboring China have been strengthening their already close ties in recent years, as relations with the West, especially the United States, have been strained by trade and regional conflicts.

Russia and the United States are still maintaining a friendly working relationship in space exploration, especially with regard to cooperation on the International Space Station.