US forces surrounded a town in the countryside of Deir al Zour

In cooperation with the Syria Democratic Forces, the US forces continued to besiege the town of al Shuhail, since Thursday night, in conjunction with the ongoing raids of the town that resulted in the arrest of dozens of people under the pretext of their affiliation or affiliation with ISIS.

Local sources said that the US forces besieged the town located in the northern countryside of Deir al Zour (east of the Euphrates), from three sides, with intensive flight of US helicopters over the town, which witnessed from time to time raids by the Syria Democratic Forces.

The town of al Jardhi, which is located in the same area, is witnessing demonstrations of civilians protesting against the wounded of a person by Syria Democratic Forces, during the raid on his house by the SDF at dawn of Saturday.

Local sources confirmed that the wounded person, who was arrested despite his critical condition as a result of being shot from within walking distance, he is a leader in the ranks of SDF, and he is called Rashid Muhammad al Hussein, and he is called “al Kanbaz”.

According to information, the raids campaign was launched by the US forces since last night in the areas of East Euphrates, comes on the basis of information provided by the local “Military Intelligence”, affiliated with SDF, about people accuses of being “loyalists to ISIS,” or “coordinators with the Syrian government” which the region’s residents consider “malicious reports” that would empty the region of “youth”.

Separate areas of East Euphrates had witnessed protests against the Syria Democratic Forces over the past weeks, calling for the release of young detainees from the region, while preliminary estimates indicate that there are more than 3000 detainees in the “Kesra Prison”, located in the countryside of Deir al Zour, in addition to an unknown number of detainees inside the prison established by the US forces in Omar Oil Field.