Turkish official: committed to buy the Russian “S-400” and we expect the US Congress to act wisely

Deputy head of the Turkish group to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Ahmet Prat Chonkar, confirmed that Ankara is waiting for the US Congress to act wisely.

Commenting on the presentation of a bill in the US Congress imposing sanctions on Turkey for its purchase of the Russian S-400 system, Chonkar said in a special statement to the Russian news agency Sputnik: “Ankara is focusing at this stage on forming a joint committee with the United States of America to discuss the issue of the air defense system the Russian “S-400” and especially its technical dimensions, and we attach great importance to this topic.

He added: “Turkey and the US are allies’ countries in NATO, and it is not clear to anyone that there are differences between them, but it is possible to solve these problems, especially with their technical dimensions, by forming joint committees, and to reach a solution that does not disturb NATO and the United States and move jointly with them in the stage of installing the S-400 system, which is the ideal approach for Turkey, the US and its partners.

He continued: “We consider the behavior to reverse this approach wrong,” stressing that Turkey is committed to its obligations and the agreement concluded with Russia to purchase the S-400 air defense system.

He explained: “In the end, this constitutes a basis for testing long-term relations based on agreements between countries, and serious relations require the implementation of the decisions taken, and we act according to this principle”.

He added, “In this context, Turkey resorts to dealing with its allies on the one hand and its partners, like Russia on the other, on the basis of mutual understanding”.

He stated, “We expect the US Congress to act wisely when taking decisions and issuing laws against Turkey,” and he said

“The United States of America did not previously impose sanctions on Turkey because of its purchase of the S-400 system from Russia, but its resort in this new stage to impose sanctions on Turkey is not very serious and is considered incorrect and misplaced”.

Deliveries of the latest Russian S-400 air defense systems, which caused a crisis in relations between Turkey and the United States, began in mid-July 2019.

Washington demanded that the deal be abandoned, and in return, buy US Patriot systems, and threaten to delay or even cancel the sale of the latest F-35 to Turkey, as well as take restrictive measures.

Ankara refused to compromise and negotiations continued on an additional batch of the S-400.

In fact, the United States has complied with only a portion of the threats and it is related to “F-35”, and no other sanctions have been applied, although it must be imposed under the CAATSA Act.