Russian armored vehicles besieged a US patrol: We’re here at the invitation of Syrian government, your presence is occupation

Russian armored vehicles managed to besiege a US military patrol in the countryside of Hasaka, northeastern Syria, after a hot pursuit, while a Russian officer addressed critical words to the US military regarding the legitimacy of the presence of both forces on Syrian soil.

A video shows how the Russian armored vehicles headed towards and surrounded the US armored vehicles, and also shows the panic and confusion of the American soldiers while the Russians came to them with the word “stop, don’t move”.

One of the Russian officers addressed a US officer and said to him: We’re here on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic at the invitation of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and you’re on what basis here? 

You are occupiers.

The Russian officers told the American to tell his generals that the Russians asked the patrol not to go after the hunt again, as the Russian officer said to the translator.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that confrontations have taken place between Russian patrols and US armored vehicles in areas east of the Euphrates in the countryside of the Syrian governorate of al Hasaka.