Russia challenges Caesar Act and provides Syria with 12 MiG-29 aircraft

In a new challenge to the US Caesar Act, as Russia continues to provide political and logistical support to Damascus.

Russia provided the Syrian army with 12 new mig-29SMT aircraft earlier this month.

Sources in Russia confirmed that the process of delivering the twelve MiG-29s was carried out at Hmeimim airport, in the presence of a high-ranking Syrian military delegation, where the Syrian pilots who followed a transfer course on the new aircraft transported them in two batches from the Hmeimim base to a subsidiary airport for the Syrian Air Force, to join its eight MiG-29s who arrived before it at the beginning of last June, and to bring the number of aircraft arriving to the Syrian army of this category to 20, which is the strength of a full swarm.

The source noted that Syria had paid the Russians the price of these aircraft since 2011, and was supposed to supply them to the Syrian Air Force in 2012, however US and EU sanctions have prompted Russia to delay delivery, according to media sources.

The Mig-29SMT can carry up to 4.5 tons of various ammunition and air bombs of 500 calibers and below or 8 radar and thermal air to air missiles such as the R-77, or different type air to ground guided missiles, which has a tactical radius greater than its predecessor in the Syrian Air Force, with a tactical radius of 400 km or a range of more than 1000 km without refueling by air.