Aydinlik: Increasing military activities of France in Libya “Operation headquarters Charles de Gaulle”

France has activated its operations headquarters on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier 80 km north of the city of Sirte. 

Intelligence drones and UAVs regularly collect information while advising mercenaries from France in Chad.

France continues to provide training and intelligence support to the Hafter militias who fight against the National Reconciliation Government (Tripoli government), officially recognized by the United Nations (UN).

Turkish newspaper Aydinlik revealed details of the relations between the French army and the Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa hafter’s.

 About 60 French Armed Forces personnel provided training and intelligence support in ground the Libyan National Army. 

With tensions between Turkey and France over the eastern Mediterranean and Libyan bright, again explored the current status from local sources.

Sources recall that in 2019, the “Javelin” guided anti-tank missile supplied by the French Air Force was captured by Tripoli government in Garyan, west Libya. 

Thus, when the world press reflected that the French army was a direct party to the Libyan civil war, the sources reached by Turkish newspaper Aydinlik pointed out that President Emmanuel Macron took direct control of France’s activities in Libya.

The arrival of the Turkish army to Libya to support Tripoli government and the subsequent withdrawal of the Hafter forces caused serious concern in Paris. 

Paris had played without an alternative on the Hafter. 

Hafter defeat now led to the defeat of French interests in North Africa. 

According to sources, Macron recently decided to reactivate aid to the Libyan National Army.

Currently, the French Armed Forces have activated the operations headquarters on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier 80 km north of the city of Sirte. 

Sirte is the most critical region in this phase of the Libyan civil war.

On behalf of the operation headquarters, the intelligence planes and UAVs of the French Air Force regularly gather information in the direction of Libya. 

In the group of mercenaries (700 people) from Chad, advisors (12 military personnel) of the French foreign legion’s staff were also included.

On the other hand, if necessary, a group of advanced air controllers were sent to Sirte region to provide air support from the French air force.

Currently the contacts between a group of French consultants deployed at the Benin airport (Benghazi) and the high command of the Libyan National Army affiliated to Hafter are also significantly intensified. 

In addition, representatives of the mentioned operational group also work closely with Egyptian military personnel working at Hafter headquarters.

France’s support to the Hafter side in Libya in violation of international law and the relations between the French Army and the Libyan National Army.  

Health workers in the Libyan army struggle with the militia affiliated with the leader of the illegitimate armed forces in the east of Libya, complain about the silence of the international community in the face of the attacks of the militia.

While no new cases of coronavirus Covid-19 have been found in the country, the United Nations (UN) proposed a ceasefire on 22 March, taking into account the world outbreak. 

The Libyan government accepted the proposal, and Hafter side announced that it accepted the call, but in minutes it launched a rocket attack on Tripoli.

One day after the first case of Covid-19 in Libya was detected on March 23, Hafter forces were among the most intense attacks on the settlements of Tripoli, including the intensive care unit of the al Hadra Hospital, where Coronavirus patients were treated in Tripoli realized one.

According to the figures shared by the Libyan Ministry of Health officials, 24 health workers died and 45 were wounded as a result of Hafter forces attacks against the capital in the period of April 2019-June 2020.

According to the figures shared by the UN, 23 health centers have been bombed in Libya (where the attack of the Hafter forces started on the capital) since April 2019. 

In the UN statement, it was pointed out that 9 attacks against health centers were carried out in 2020, when the world was struggling with the epidemic.

On the one hand, Hafter attempted to take over the capital, on the other hand, he tried to move forward in the region of Abu Gireyn on the axis of Sirte province. 

Health workers in the field hospital in the Abu Gireyn region also risked their lives many times to save lives in this process.

Health workers working in the field hospital in Abu Gireyn region, which had been intense conflicts for a while, explained the process they lived.

Ismail Basher (22), who is a student of medical school, said that he took a break in his third year and started to work voluntarily in Abu Gireyn region. 

Basher said, “The vital danger of the health teams is not different from the warriors on the front lines. 

Several times our vehicles have been targeted by air and ground attack. 

We try to do our job in the same way. We lost many of our friends for this reason”.

Volunteer Nurse Adil Abu Shufa stated that the biggest challenge they face is targeting ambulances and healthcare teams. 

Sharing that he witnessed very painful events as a health worker working in the middle of the war and on the front line, Abu Shufa told about the memory that he lived about a month ago but said he would not forget for life: “All of our memories are sad, I do not forget any of them. 

But once we went to a point targeted by the fighter jet. 

Someone had corpse pieces there. 

Who is this?

When we asked, he told us who that person was. 

However, we later found out that the person we asked for the identity of the body was the father of the deceased. 

This is the event that has affected me the most so far”.

The original source Aydinlik