New Syrian names will be covered by Caesar Act and Syrian opposition coalition discusses them with US officials

The Caesar Act Follow-up Working Group in the Syrian opposition coalition held a virtual meeting with the Caesar Act Implementation Group at the US State Department, with the aim of continuing cooperation and coordination regarding the implementation of the sanctions stipulated by Caesar Act on Syria, according to the Syrian opposition coalition statement.

The Syrian opposition coalition discussed with the US officals, the new lists of names that will be released soon and will be subject to US sanctions.

For their part, US officials indicated that a new list of sanctions will be issued in the near future, and that these sanctions still carry exceptions for the humanitarian, relief and medical assistance needed by the Syrian people.

They indicated that there is coordination with the European Union regarding the lists of sanctions imposed on Damascus, and they considered that the main goal is still to besiege the Syrian authorities and force them to submit to the political process in order to reach a political solution in accordance with Resolution 2254.

It is reported that, last month, the United States released the first list that was subject to US sanctions to a number of Syrian companies and individuals, including the Syrian president and his wife.