Iran: as we did with Venezuela, Iran will support Syria’s oil needs in the face of the new wave of US sanctions imposed under the “Caesar Act”

The Iranian ambassador to Damascus, Jawad Turk Abadi, confirmed that his country will continue to support Syria’s needs of oil derivatives in the face of the new wave of US sanctions imposed within the “Caesar Act”.

Abadi said on the sidelines of the “First Conference of Syrian Businessmen and Women” in Damascus “I assure you that we will stand by each other, and the Syrian people are standing by the side of their homeland and its institutions”.

Abadi added, in response to a question about the urgent Syrian needs of oil derivatives, which are an essential input for the agricultural and industrial production sector that was specifically targeted by Caesar Act: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is fully prepared to provide all of our oil and energy needs of the Syrian people”.

He continued: “We and the Syrians are on the same boat in this historical curve, and we are working hard to overcome the obstacles that the United States of America and its agents are trying to impose on us, stressing that the Syrian people are capable of that”.

The Iranian ambassador renewed his country’s condemnation of unilateral economic measures against Syria, saying that the United States is trying through these steps to compensate for its military losses and retreat the influence of armed organizations in the Syrian territories, and concluded his speech by saying: “Soon, Allah willing, we will all celebrate the victory of our Syrian brothers”.

On June 17, the United States began implementing the “Caesar Act” under which sanctions were imposed on 39 individuals and entities linked to the Syrian authorities, including the country’s president, Bashar al Assad, and his wife, Asma al Assad.

These sanctions target the main sectors of the Syrian economy, the country’s authorities, and internal and external parties that support the government’s military operations, while the United States seizes a group of the largest Syrian oil fields and seeks to prevent Damascus from regaining control.