Hiftar met a US delegation to discuss the cease-fire in Libya and secret negotiations mediated by the international community to evacuate the Oil area and hand over Sirte

News leaked, that Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, commander-in-chief of the “Libyan National Army”, met last week with a high-level US military and political delegation.

The meeting was a “last chance” to reach a ceasefire agreement, amid unofficial information on “an American proposal to evacuate the vital oil area from any military forces, and the supervision of European forces under the auspices of the United Nations”.

Despite the high frequency of war drums, the secret negotiations are currently taking place between several regional and international parties to persuade Hifter, and his allies, to retreat from Sirte to the city of Ajdabiya, in exchange for Tripoli government forces, backed by Ankara, to stop an attack that is being prepared for a few weeks to take control of Sirte and al Jafra region.

The US threats to Hiftar aims to him not face isolation and face US and international sanctions in the event that his position rejecting the resumption of oil production continues again, as new Turkish threat to target Hiftar’s headquarters in eastern Libya, in the event of a military confrontation with Tripoli government forces.

Turkish warplanes recently conducted a series of military exercises off the Libyan coast, including simulating targeting the general headquarters of the army, with the aim of delivering a preemptive strike, targeting its communications center with the rest of its military operations rooms.

On the other hand, news revealed entry of Egyptian military to support Hifter forces, to confront Turkish army in Libya,