Davutoglu talks about the details of his visits to the Syrian president in 2011

The former Turkish Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, revealed the details of his meeting with the Syrian President Bashar al Assad, in 2011, in a meeting that “lasted six and a half hours and its details are codified”.

Davutoglu said, in an interview with the Turkish “Habar Turk” channel, that a Turkish delegation first met with Syrian officials for three and a half hours, and then held a bilateral meeting with the participation of the Turkish Foreign Minister and the Ambassador of Ankara in Damascus, where they wrote down the plan that was reached, which was Aiming to stand with the Syrian Government”.

Davutoglu added: “We faced accusations by some at the time that we were supporting a dictator.

We tried to prevent disasters from occurring, but the first responsible for everything that happened was Assad”.

Davutoglu stated that Turkey was working on “a peace and integration project that includes Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, but Western countries and Russia played a role in its collapse, while Assad was the main cause of its collapse”.

Davutoglu pointed out that he had visited Syria to meet the Syrian president three times 2011 to offer all kind of support and assure that Turkey is on his side, but he warned him against using the army to suppress the demonstrators, pointing out that Turkey was afraid that because the military officials belonged to one sectarian minority.

Davutoglu stressed that Assad “had implemented real reforms and did not confine Syria to the families of his father and mother, it would be different than what he is now”.