Bolton reveals: Trump is jealous of Putin and Xi

Former US Security Adviser John Bolton revealed that President Donald Trump is jealous of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

John Bolton, is one of three former national security advisers who worked with Trump, and in his latest book, “The Room Where It Happened”, Bolton paints a disturbing picture of Trump, describing him as the unreading president, and that he does not understand the complex issues of national security.

Bolton stressed, during his dialogue with the German Broadcasting Corporation, “Deutsche Welle”, that the US President runs the White House through internal power struggles.

The former US security adviser added that Trump does not trust the staff surrounding him. He also described it as meaningless to be President of the United States.

Bolton noted that the US President was jealous of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and Chinese Xi Jinping.

He stressed, “In a way, Trump was jealous of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. He liked to talk to “adults”.

You know, “adults” meet and do “adult men” things. 

It was simply that; I think”.

When asked about the US president’s fear of his Russian counterpart, Bolton said: “I don’t think he is afraid of him”.

The popularity of the US president declined before the US presidential elections in opinion polls. 

The disaffected conservatives describe the Republican president as incompetent and mobilize public opinion against him, due to the high incidence of new Coronavirus in the United States, as well as millions of unemployed people across the country, and protests over racism since the killing of George Floyd.

In doing so, they agree with Joe Biden, Trump’s Democratic opponent in the race for the White House, who, in turn, does not hesitate to describe his opponent as Trump’s inefficiency in leading the country.