Arresting an armed group in Syria that was planning to spy on Russian sites

Three gunmen from the so-called “Commandos of the Revolution” group, who were detained and transferred to the Syrian city of Palmyra, admitted that they had been charged with collecting information about Russian sites in Syria.

One of the members of this arrested armed group, Jasim al Ali, told reporters: “We’re in the organization of the Commandos of the Revolution, and our group consists of eight people, in addition to a guide that works in smuggling, transporting people and drugs. 

We drove on motorbikes to carry out the mission and fell to a minefield”.

The arrested gunman narrated that several members of the group were killed in a mine explosion, adding: “We lost our way and didn’t know where to go, because our guide died, we started looking for a way out, we continued to walk, then we were captured, and the Syrian forces transferred us to Here”.

In his confessions, the detained fighter revealed that the armed group’s mission is to collect information, adding: “We were sent to accomplish the mission in Raqqa area at al Mansoura… We had to obtain information about Russian, Iranian and Syrian sites”, explaining that the group had started from the town of al Tanf.

According to the arrested militants, the members of the group received several thousand dollars from those responsible for the mission, and the second detainee, Abdullah al Mishwat, acknowledged this matter, saying: “We received thousands of dollars to complete the mission, but all the money was in the possession of the group leader who weighs. 

He detonated a mine and lost everything”.

The three militants are now in a prison of Syrian forces in the city of Palmyra. 

The Syrian army, upon arrest, found the gunmen, with machine guns, hand grenades, and a large amount of ammunition, as well as sums of money and drugs.

Syrian intelligence is investigating the group’s confessions and trying to uncover other illegal operations in which they were involved.