The Syrian army responds to an attack by terrorist groups on its positions in Idlib in response to an attack on the positions of government forces

On Sunday, the Syrian army targeted locations of armed factions in the governorates of Hama and Idlib in response to an attack launched on Saturday by government forces.

The Syrian army targeted “locations of terrorists in the rural west Hama and southern Idlib”, and directly hit them, in response to their attacks on points and their violation of the ceasefire agreement in the de-escalation zone.

A field source that the Syrian army units operating in the northwestern countryside of Hama and southern Idlib had targeted artillery fire from the artillery points and movements of al Sham Liberation Headquarter “Al Nusra Front” terrorist groups in the villages of Mansoura, Qalidin, and al Hamidiya in the western countryside of Hama, and in the villages of al Barah, Flaifel, and Fatira in Jabal al Zawiya in Southern Idlib countryside, with direct hits.

The Hmeimim Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, which is affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Defense, announced on Saturday evening that the Syrian army repelled an attack by about 250 armed men, organized by the al Sham Liberation Headquarter “Al Nusra Front” on sites of government forces in Idlib province, and managed to neutralize 8 of the attackers.