The Kremlin: The relations between Russia and the United States are at the lowest level and things are very bad, especially the issue of arms control and strategic stability

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian presidential spokesman, declared that relations between Russia and the United States are still at their lowest level and they are very bad.

“Our relations are still almost at the lowest point… Things are very bad at the level of bilateral relations… especially regarding the issue of arms control and strategic stability,” Piskov was quoted by the Russian news agency Sputnik as saying on Sunday.

“Our two countries possess the two largest nuclear arsenals, none of them have any other countries, including China, which the Americans are trying to invite vigorously to the negotiating table,” Peskov said.

Piskov concluded, “China cannot be compared in terms of its arsenal to US or Russia”.

On May 22, US President Donald Trump announced his country’s withdrawal from the “open skies” agreement with Russia, saying it “violates the agreement,” but pointed out that “there is a very good opportunity to reach a new agreement with Moscow”.

The open sky agreement includes 32 countries, and allows unarmed surveillance aircraft to fly in the airspace of member states, with the aim of enhancing mutual understanding and trust by giving all parties a direct role in gathering information about the military and activities that concern them.