Fox News: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of hiding “the truth” about the outbreak of Coronavirus

Chinese virologist Li Mengyan said that she believed that the Chinese authorities had known the existence of the new Corona virus before it was officially announced.

In her interview with the American “Fox News” network, the scientist, who escaped from Hong Kong, accused the Chinese authorities of ignoring research that was being conducted, adding that this research could have saved people’s lives.

The scientist explained that in 2019 she was among the first researchers to initiate the study of the new virus after its president, Dr. Liu Boon, delivered samples from it.

She added that her colleague at the Institute for Disease Control and Prevention told her on December 31 that the virus could transmit between people, that is, before Beijing and WHO recognized this possibility.

Yan claimed that her supervisors ignored the research results that were being carried out inside a WHO laboratory, and that the director of this institute, Malik Pires, was aware of the results of the research, but took no action.

Fox News reported that WHO officials denied concealing any information, and confirmed that Yan, Bon and Peres had never worked directly for the organization.

For its part, the Beijing embassy in Washington said that the Chinese authorities do not know anything about Yan, adding: “We have not heard anything about this woman. 

The Chinese government responded to Covid-19 disease immediately after the outbreak, quickly and effectively.