Babacan: On the conversion of the Hagia Sophia compound to a mosque Erdogan has entered Turkey a dark tunnel by insisting on fueling national and religious sensitivities

The leader of Turkey’s opposition Democracy and Progress Party, Ali Babacan, said that his former mentor, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “entered the country a dark tunnel by insisting on fueling national and religious sensitivities”.

During a meeting with journalists today, Babacan stated, in an indirect comment on the conversion of the Hagia Sophia complex to a mosque again, that the Turkish administration “works to fuel non-economic issues and national and religious sensitivities rather than creating real solutions to problems”, noting that this situation cannot Achieves tangible results.

He added: “The economic situation in Turkey was not good even before the crisis of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus,” noting that the workforce declined by about 3 million people after August of 2018, women lost their jobs significantly, and the number of those who retreated from seeking job opportunities increased.

Babacan stressed the need to achieve security and stability in the country, benefiting that the lack of confidence in the judiciary, the absence of democracy and the failure to implement human rights standards will keep investments away from Turkey.

Babacan said: “Investment is required in new business areas, and confidence and stability are required for investment. 

The unemployment problem cannot be solved without confidence and stability. 

There is no light at the end of the tunnel at the present time, whether the end of the tunnel is open or closed, it is not clear and the current administration cannot provide a solution”.

Regarding his economic proposals, Babacan stressed the importance of freedom, noting that the citizen must feel free to achieve technological and innovative production.

Babacan considered that a state of suffocation overwhelms the youth, reiterating that investments “will not be achieved in the absence of a state of law”.