Military Watch: Russian fighters make the Algerian Air Force the strongest in Africa

Algerian combat aircraft are the strongest on the African continent – thanks to the balanced composition of the Air Force, contemporary Russian fighters and an arsenal rich in weapons.

Military Watch wrote that the Algerian Air Force combines modern technology and weapons with a high level of training for pilots and technicians – something no country in Africa can do anymore. 

The base of the fleet consists of 45 heavy fighters “Su-30MKA” generation 4+. 

These aircraft are equipped with powerful and air-conditioned radars to strike a variety of air and ground targets. 

It is backed by four swarms of light “MiG-29”. 

Both types of aircraft are equipped with long-range air-to-air missiles “E-27ER” and “E-77”, and “Su-30” can also use cruise missiles “Kh-31” that fly more than 3 Mach. 

Because of the large number of modifications, these missiles can be used to destroy land and sea targets, and air defense system radars.

To gain superiority in the air, there is a MiG-25BDs interceptor squadron – these aircraft, although they belong to the third generation, are equipped with fourth-generation radars and electronic warfare devices. 

Algeria also has the largest fleet of grenade launchers in Africa consisting of “Su-24M”.

Since 2013, Egypt has been investing heavily in upgrading its air force, but so far it lags behind Algeria in quality.

Of the 19 fighter squadrons, only one was equipped with air-to-air missiles with the ability to hit targets beyond the horizon – i.e. outside the visual contact area. 

It is a MiG-29M squadron, which was recently purchased. 

Nine squadrons are equipped with American F-16s, but due to US sanctions, these aircraft do not have modern weapons, according to the magazine.

Seven other Egyptian swarms are equipped with Meg-21 and Chinese “J-7”. 

These fighters, though upgraded to the level of the third generation, are clearly outdated. 

Also in Egypt’s arsenal there are 24 French fourth-generation “Rafale” multi-purpose fighters, but there are no missiles for them.