A five-way operating room and a new constitution soon and Bashar’s survival is no longer important

By: Syrializm Analytics

It looks like a really fresh hierarchy that represents a simulation of reality on the ground and a dedication of this psychological quota in managing the Syrian issue.

Is President Bashar al Assad completely in control and makes all the major decisions unilaterally?

It seems a luxury question in one of the very difficult stages in which the Syria lives, which is flooded with daily details and tedious detail after the US Caesar Act imposed its form and content on all levels and it seemed that it is the result of an understanding behind the curtain with international players who clearly share today in managing the helm things.

Concerns of living accumulate in the Syrian interior as never before, and the economic situation in the worst scenario and news accumulates from intensive meetings at the level of the financial and banking administration of the state has nothing to do with the control of Rami Makhlouf’s money and the controversy over his case, but it has to do with the value of the Syrian pound today.

What some people suggest in light of a difficult and complicated living situation has reached a rare debate that is thinking for the first time about canceling the Syrian pound or working to provide an alternative currency for it.

Living fatigue, especially when it comes to the salaries of public sector employees, health status, fuel management and even food stocks has become a daily concern that exceeds the dangers of what is called a media conspiracy against Syria and in a way that engages senior officials and their juniors.

What is leaking from the tripartite American-Russian-German understanding in light of the financial and living challenges surrounding the Syrian state today indicates unprecedented data in the scene, attraction and debate, the most important of which may be to stop the debate from its basis on the issue of the survival or departure of President Bashar al Assad, and on the basis that this issue is just a detail today Especially in light of the horizontal differences and rifts after the case of Rami Makhlouf within the Alawite sect.

Especially also in light of the state of resentment in the coastal cities due to the widespread and hideous spread of crime.

It was agreed, with German support, in particular, to marginalize the issue of Bashar al Assad’s survival or departure in stages, while taking care of the remaining institutions of the deep Syrian state and focusing on the urgent need in the near future for the elites of technocrats, security, and bureaucrats in the Syrian state.

German channels have interfered strongly in recent days to prevent the hunt or target of at least 70 people, whom the German depth classifies as important personalities and elites for the future.

The origins of fresh developments also included an Israeli and US cessation in particular, from demanding the departure of Iran from the Syrian domestic equation and the postponement of this thorny issue with Russian approval specifically to the stage of the comprehensive deal, with a focus on a Russian condition that Tehran has heard well, and stipulates that there should be no response from the Syrian interior to any Israeli military operations.

On the other hand, the Iranians and their allies in Lebanon obtained an arrangement that allowed Hezbollah to respond and clash from Lebanon, not from the Syrian interior, in the event of an Israeli attack.

On the other hand, it seems that President Bashar al Assad released his hand in the project of recovering the money he wanted from his opponents who were controlled by the pillars of the regime.

With German enthusiasm for not repeating the Egyptian scenario and maintaining the intention of the remaining deep state in the Syrian regime, especially in the security track.

The most important new is the formation of a five-way operations room this time that includes the Iranians, Germans, Russians, Syrians and Hezbollah, in a gesture that moves in this direction for the first time practically, in the hope of devoting a series of calm dealing with the repercussions of the objective reality.

It shows a degree of respect for Moscow’s guarantee of what the Americans specifically see as red lines that there is no way to cross, such as strengthening the Iranian military presence inside Syria or retreating from the siege and its legislation and laws such as the Tsar, as well as not talking about a guarantee that Syrian president Bashar al Assad will remain in the future.

That quintile room may be the most interesting and attractive station in the effective developments in the Syrian government.

And the arrangement, at least between the Germans and the Russians, is that the five-way operations room in the presence of the Iranians invest to move to an advanced step that Turkey also does not oppose in the agenda of the old tripartite Sochi summit, where was ready for the first time without opposing President Bashar and realistic rational trends from multiple pillars in the Syrian depth to discuss a draft constitution.

A new one allows for the transfer and establishes a new legal status, but this time it is free from the dispute regarding whether the sect, the capital, or even President Bashar himself.