The Czech government are talking about a “new mechanism” for cooperation with Damascus

The Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek stressed that the modern mechanism that his country prepared for cooperation with the Syrian government, “achieves a faster and more flexible response to humanitarian and development needs and aid and opens up greater prospects for new projects in this framework”.

Petricek said in a statement carried by the Syrian official news agency “SANA” that “this mechanism was prepared through a combination of humanitarian and development aid, noting that the mechanism allows this aid to be flexible and respond quickly to needs in the most complex situations”.

In turn, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “Czech companies joined humanitarian and development projects in Syria after working with this mechanism, pointing out that the implementation of such projects allows Czech businessmen to conduct a survey of export opportunities in the Syrian market, and to establish trade relations more easily with Syrian partners”.

The Czech state takes positive positions with the Syrian government, in contrast to the countries of the European Union that cut their political relations with them, as the European Union countries closed their embassies in Syria after the outbreak of the Syrian events, with the exception of the Czech Republic, which still maintains an embassy in Damascus.