A new military agreement for increasing cooperation between Syria and Iran

After signing a joint agreement, the Syrian Minister of Defense said that those who bet on sabotaging the Syrian-Iranian relations are more important, and the chief of staff of the Iranian army announces that the signed agreement enhances joint cooperation in the face of American pressure.

Syrian Defense Minister Ali Ayoub and Iranian Army Chief of Staff Muhammad Bagheri signed a comprehensive agreement for military cooperation between them.

According to the agreement details, to provide and strengthening military and security cooperation in the areas of the armed forces’ work and continuing coordination, as it is the culmination of years of coordination and cooperation, and its results were demonstrated by joint action to combat terrorism.

The talks dealt with, the situation in Syria and the need to withdraw foreign forces who entered illegally.

The Syrian Minister of Defense spoke at the press conference, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces, and said that it is the Caesar Act that fights the Syrians with their food, medicine, and food for their children, stressing the endeavor to confront the consequences of this law. 

Ayoub pointed out that the steadfastness bill is less than the surrender and subservience bill, and he said, “If the American administrations were able to subjugate Syria, Iran and the axis of resistance, they would not be delayed for a moment”.

Ayoub affirmed that the Syrian army, which has survived since 2011 and maintained the state’s structure, is on an inevitable date with victory, indicating that Israel is a strong partner in the war against Syria, and terrorist gangs are part of the Israeli aggression.

For his part, Major-General of the Iranian Army, Major General Bagheri said, “The signed agreement reinforces our will and our determination to cooperate in the face of American pressure, stressing that his country will strengthen the Syrian air defense systems in the framework of strengthening military relations between the two countries”.

On Turkey’s military presence in Syria, Bagheri considered that “Turkey is a little late in implementing its commitment to Astana understandings to get terrorist groups out of Syria,” noting that Turkey must realize that the solution to any of its security problems is through negotiation and understanding with the Syrian side, and not through Presence in the Syrian lands.