Israel imposes new restrictions to reduce coronavirus after the outbreak has returned

The Israeli government imposed on Monday new restrictions to curb the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, including the closure of clubs, gyms and swimming pools, and the reduction in the number of pilgrims to places of worship, restaurants and public transport buses.

The Israeli “Kan” TV channel said that the government approved the immediate closure of clubs, bars, cultural shows, gyms and public swimming pools.

The assessment of experts presented to the government stated that if the number of corona infections decreases to less than a hundred, per day, then it is possible to return to normal life, where epidemiological investigations will be possible.

The assessment, which was adopted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed that the number of cases among the people daily prevents the ability to cut the chain of infection, according to the same source.

The new restrictions also included limiting the number of worshipers in temples, mosques and churches in Israel to 19 people, the number of passengers per public transport bus to 20 with the opening of windows and the prohibition of operating air conditioners inside it.

The new restrictions require that no restaurant receive more than 20 visitors inside, ban gatherings of more than 20 people, and 30 percent of government employees work from within their homes.

Israel recorded during the last 24 hours 796 new cases of the virus, bringing the total to 30 thousand and 582 cases, including 332 deaths and about 20 thousand recovered, according to data of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Israel is witnessing a second wave of coronavirus, in light of the high rates of infection that previously decreased and decreased in the third week of last May, to an average of 16 cases per day.