Heavy Turkish losses after targeting al Watiya air base in Libya

After Ankara acknowledged that the raids on the al Watiya air base destroyed a Turkish air defense system, the director of the Moral Guidance Department of the Libyan National Army, Brigadier-General Khaled al Mahjoub, confirmed that other similar strikes would soon be carried out on the base.

A military source had confirmed that air strikes targeted the al Watiya base in Libya, late on Saturday night, and destroyed a Turkish air defense system.

The source also added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan woke up from his sleep on Sunday to the news of hitting the base, revealing that Turkish radars and defense systems had been bombed in al Watiya.

In addition, Brigadier Khaled al Mahjoub stated that the raids also targeted a military convoy who was on his way to the oil-producing region, stressing that Turkey’s losses in military equipment are significant following the raids.

He pointed out that the strike of al Watiya base, on Sunday, was painful for Turkey, as it bombed the base with 9 strikes.

In addition, it was announced that the Libyan army will not reveal all its cards regarding that strike.

Also in the context, sources reported that Turkish intelligence officers were injured in the raid that targeted the Libyan national base, and information confirmed that the injured Turkish citizens were transferred to Tripoli and other hospitals to Turkey.

It is noteworthy that a military source for the forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter confirmed that air strikes targeted al Watiya base late Saturday night, and destroyed a Turkish air defense system and all the planes returned to their bases safely.

The source said at the time, that 9 precision air strikes were carried out on the Turkish air defense systems that were recently installed at the al Watiya base, confirming the success of the raids in neutralizing a Turkish Hawk air defense system, and he indicated that 3 radars were completely destroyed.

The Libyan Tripoli government forces have controlled that base since Haftar’s forces withdrew earlier.

The aforementioned raids are the first of their kind for the Libyan army after the announcement of the signing of a military agreement between Turkey and the Tripoli government, on Friday, following a visit by Turkish Defense Minister Khulsi Akar and his chief of staff to the capital, Tripoli.

The spokesman of the Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter forces, considered that the agreement was a violation of Libyan sovereignty, and Ankara had promised a military confrontation.