The Wall Street Journal: The United States decides to send two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea, where Beijing is conducting military exercises

The United States of America has decided to send two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to conduct exercises near a site where China is carrying out naval exercises.

The Wall Street Journal said today, Saturday, that the aim of this step is to “send a clear message to China that the United States is not satisfied with the military escalation of Beijing in the region,” referring to the group’s commander, Admiral George Wakov.

The newspaper pointed out that the aircraft carriers Ronald Reagan and Nimitz are ready to hold unprecedented maneuvers in the South China Sea as of Saturday.

Last week, China announced a five-day training exercise from July 1 near the Paracel Islands, which both Vietnam and China claim sovereignty.

On Friday, China rejected the US Defense Department’s criticism of its plan to hold military exercises in the South China Sea, noting that Washington is responsible for increasing tension in the region.

Countries bordering the South China Sea, specifically China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei, have been fighting sovereignty over parts of it for several centuries, but tensions in the region have escalated recently.

The Chinese and Americans accuse each other of deliberately “militarizing” the South China Sea.