The New York Times: Intelligence informed Trump that there is no direct evidence of “collusion between Russia and the Taliban”

The New York Times said that US intelligence informed the administration of President Donald Trump that there was no direct evidence that Moscow had offered cash rewards to Afghan militants in order to kill American soldiers.

The newspaper, quoting an intelligence source, said that on July 1, intelligence representatives handed over to Trump administration a 2.5-page document, summarizing the data on the basis of which the “New York Times” allegations were built, on “collusion between Russia and the Taliban”.

According to the article, the text of the document indicates that CIA specialists and the National Center for Counter-Terrorism of the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence Agency in the United States consider the data they received to be “medium reliable”.

Moreover, the document stresses that this information cannot directly confirm the authenticity of the charges against Moscow.

The newspaper notes that other intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency, have less reliable information in this regard.