Former Israeli Knesset Speaker: Trump is the one who stopped the “annexation plan” because the time is not right to help Netanyahu save himself

Former President of the Israeli Knesset, Abraham Burg, said that it was US President Donald Trump who stopped the “annexation plan”, because “the time is not appropriate for that”.

The Italian newspaper “IL fatto Quotidiano”, on Friday, held a dialogue with Burg, who confirmed that Trump was the one who stopped the “annexation”, and “he no longer has time to help Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu save himself by annexing the West Bank and the Jordan Valley”.

“Trump and Netanyahu are possessed by the madness of narcissism, unscrupulous and immoral, ready to turn against anyone just to save themselves and preserve power,” added the former Israeli Knesset speaker.

Burg said it would be “extremely difficult, if not impossible, to set expectations about the policy of annexation, because there is no transparency in this plan”. 

No one knows that in detail”.

Netanyahu has announced, more than once, that his government will include 30% of the West Bank area, at the beginning of this July, which has not happened yet.

US officials had said that three-day meetings in the White House of aides to President Donald Trump, regarding whether “Washington would give Israel a green light to include parts of the occupied West Bank, were concluded without making a final decision”.

And US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that “decisions to establish sovereignty are in the hands of Israel”.

Both the Fatah and Hamas movements announced a “new phase of joint national action to confront the Israeli annexation plan,” in a meeting that brought together the deputy head of the political bureau of Hamas, Sheikh Saleh al Arouri, and the secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, Gabriel Rajoub.