The US army establishes a military airport in northeastern Syria

The US army established a new military base for it, which was represented by a military airport in Al Yarubiya area of ​​Hasakeh countryside, to enhance its presence on the Syrian northeast.

Civil sources from the countryside of Hasakeh said that the US army has set up a new military airport to reinforce its presence in the Syrian island region in the region between the village of Umm Kahif and the grain silos of Tel Alou, 8 km south of the countryside of Al Yarubia city, according to what the official Syrian news agency SANA reported.

The sources added that the US and SDF forces are entering equipment and logistical materials, erecting concrete berms, erecting military barracks, and asphalting the road leading to the silos to serve the new base, indicating that SDF groups are tightly guarding the silos surrounding while the US forces are reinforcing their presence in their bases in the Syrian northeast area.

In a related context, civil sources reported, that a US army troop consisting of 10 trucks loaded with military and logistical reinforcements accompanied by eight military vehicles headed to the Tel Baidar base in the northern Hasakeh countryside, indicating that the convoy was coming from Qamishli in order to reinforce and increase the fortifications within the base.

During the past few months, the US army forces have brought thousands of trucks loaded with weapons, military and logistical equipment to Hasakeh to reinforce their presence in the Syrian northeast region.