The United States also wants to own the Russian S-400

In an article at Russiannewspaper, ” Svobodnaya Pressa”, Dmitriy Rodionov wrote on the reasons why it is impossible for Turkey to sell the Russian air defense system to the United States.

The article said: The United States wants to buy from Turkey the Russian S-400 system, which would allow Ankara to participate once again in the US F-35 fighters manufacturing program, Defense News reported.

Senator John Theon proposed an amendment that would make it possible in the national defense budget bill for fiscal year 2021.

In parallel, another congressman, Jim Riesch, proposed imposing sanctions on Turkey 30 days after the law went into effect, according to the CAATSA (America’s Anti-Sanctions Act).

However, under the current conditions of the agreement between Russia and Turkey, Ankara cannot transfer the S-400 to a third party (especially the United States) without special permission, says Pavel Feldman, deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasting at the University of Friendship between People in Moscow.

He adds: The option of selling Russian air defense systems to the Americans appears to be completely imaginative. 

What was proposed in the Senate should be seen as an attempt to stir up discord in the already complex Russian-Turkish relations.

So far, Erdogan has been able to procrastinate well in time, by maneuvering between centers of global power. 

The Americans fear losing Turkey as an important strategic ally in the NATO bloc. 

Although they have been exerting political pressure on Ankara for a long time, at the present time the issue of sanctions has emerged, with the approaching time of the Russian S-400 service.

As I grow up at this moment, the situation will warm up.

Turkey and the United States have a contract to supply 100 F-35 fighters with a total value of approximately $ 10 billion.

Of course, the Americans do not want to lose these profits.

Turkey will never sell the S-400 to the United States. 

Moreover, regardless of the intensity of the differences between Ankara and Washington, Erdogan is not planning to leave NATO, and therefore, he will continue to bargain with the Americans.