A Russian military expert was sentenced to prison for condemning the transmission of classified data to a German company

A Russian military expert sentenced a Russian military expert to seven years in prison in St. Petersburg on Thursday for condemning the transfer of classified data to a German consulting firm.

After the verdict was pronounced, the court said the man had committed a great treachery by conveying information about training FSB employees to the German company for money.

The accused had claimed that he did not know that the information was confidential.

It is mentioned that the man is an expert in the field of modern war management and private military companies, and he has written several articles in this field. 

He was arrested in 2018, the public was prevented from attending the trial, and the court did not disclose the name of the German company.

Last June, in Moscow, a US citizen, Paul Whelan, was sentenced to prison for spying and receiving classified information on a data carrier in Russia.

Whelan criticized the verdict and described it as politicized.