The UN Security Council votes on a resolution calling for an end to hostilities to help tackle the Coronavirus pandemic

The Security Council is preparing to vote on a resolution calling for an end to hostilities; To help cope with the emerging Coronavirus pandemic, after months of inertia in dealing with the crisis.

The opportunity remains for members of the Council until Wednesday, to cast their votes, and the result is scheduled to be announced tomorrow.

A dispute between the United States and China over the role of the World Health Organization has hindered the efforts of the powerful 15-member council to pass a resolution on tackling the Coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump accuses the WHO of working for China and does not want to see it mentioned in any resolution, while Beijing wants to mention it.

The latest draft of the text, submitted by France and Tunisia, focuses on supporting the call by the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last March 23 for a global ceasefire so that the world can focus on tackling the outbreak of the disease.

 The draft, seen by the German news agency DPA, does not include any direct mention of the World Health Organization, instead referring to “relevant parts of the United Nations system” and last April’s General Assembly resolution recognizing The role of the organization in dealing globally with the pandemic.

The council was criticized for being divided in the face of the global crisis, as German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas described it as “evidence of deficit”.

 “The Security Council cannot remain silent when the entire world deals with such a pandemic,” Mas told DPA.