Co-chairs of the Syrian Constitutional Committee intend to meet in August

The co-chairs of the Syrian Constitutional Committee agreed on an agenda and decided to meet in Geneva next August if travel is possible.

“The presidents participating in the Constitutional Committee agreed on the agenda and the meeting in August,” according to Russian news agency Sputnik,

Quoting the representative of the Syrian opposition in the Constitutional Committee, Hadi al Bahra, adding that he hoped “that the meeting will be in Geneva in the third week of August”.

He continued: “If travel is not available by August, we have to find another way to continue our mission in a serious way”.

He pointed out that “it is the responsibility of two parties to achieve this, on our part we are ready to be in Geneva continuously until we achieve our mission, but the other party continues to refuse to hold continuous working sessions as if the Syrian people were going through normal times”.

It is noteworthy that the 150-member Syrian Constitutional Committee is divided equally into three groups of 50 members for each of the government, the opposition and civil society representatives, and its meetings began on October 30, 2019 at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.