US Airdrops and raids in Deir Al Zour

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, Monday, that aircraft belonging to the International coalition circled extensively, at low altitudes, in the airspace of the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour in Syria.

The observatory said that the flight of the international coalition aircraft “coincided with the implementation of an airdrop and raids in the town of Shuhail, in the countryside of Deir Al Zour”.

This comes while the areas of influence of the Syria Democratic Forces are witnessing a significant escalation in ISIS activity, despite all the security campaigns of the international coalition and “SDF” forces.

The SDF activity was mainly concentrated in the Deir Al Zour Governorate, especially the eastern countryside, during the last month.

ISIS has carried out more than 39 operations, between detonating explosive devices and booby-traps, shooting, targeting and executing, since May 19, which led to heavy human losses in the areas of influence of SDF in each of Deir Al Zour countryside, Hasakeh countryside, the city of Raqqa and its countryside, and Manbij area.

Twenty-eight people have died as a result of these operations, including 6 civilians, and 22 fighters from the Syria Democratic Forces and from workers in self-management institutions.