The Syrian army mobilizes its reinforcements in Ain Issa

Amid news that the Syrian Army had brought military reinforcements to its locations in the Ain Issa district in the northwestern countryside of Raqqa, the “International Coalition” carried out an airdrop operation in cooperation with the Syria Democratic Forces – SDF, in the town of Al Shuhail in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour.

Sources indicated that the landing was carried out on the pretext of searching for wanted persons belonging to ISIS cells, where a number of people were arrested.

The new reinforcements of the Syrian Army settled north of Ain Issa near the international road between Aleppo and Hasakeh, noting that more than fifty vehicles loaded with soldiers and equipment arrived accompanied by a group of Russian forces to the region, and some were stationed in Abu Rasin in the countryside of Hasakeh.

A presence of long-range missile launchers and field artillery, among the reinforcements brought by the Syrian Army were noticed.

The Syrian Army has been continuously strengthening its presence in those areas since last October, amid news of the Turkish army’s intention to attack the area where the SDF is also spread.