The President of Belarus reveals the “secret” of the dangerous conflict between the United States and China and the issue of the new country that has defied America’s monopoly

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said he believes the United States and China are fighting for a division of the world.

“There is a very dangerous struggle for the division of the world,” Lukashenko said in an interview with the 1st local TV channel.

A powerful new country appeared on the world political map that defied the United States monopoly.

 This country is the People’s Republic of China.

The President of Belarus believes that the United States is concerned that China has become an independent nuclear power, exploring space and producing modern weapons, because it risks losing its monopoly in these areas, adding that “this is exactly what triggered a trade war between the two countries”.

Political experts call the intensification of the current confrontation between China and the United States the term “Second Cold War”.

The trade confrontation between the two countries began in July 2018, when Washington imposed 25% duties on importing 818 kinds of Chinese goods, and Beijing took corresponding measures.

Although the two sides signed the agreement for the first phase of the commercial deal on January 15 this year in Washington, relations between the two countries worsened due to the Coronavirus pandemic.