On the eve of the Brussels Conference for International Donors, Humanitarian organizations warn of hunger in Syria, which reached record numbers and calls for enhancing aid access and increasing funding

International humanitarian organizations warned on Monday that the hunger rates in Syria reached records, calling for enhancing aid opportunities and increasing funding for millions of Syrians, on the eve of the Brussels Conference for International Donors.

International NGOs said in a joint statement that after more than nine years of conflict, the fighting had subsided, but the humanitarian emergency remained severe.

The statement, signed by several organizations including the Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam, CARE and Mercy Corps, added that “Currently, there are about 9.3 million Syrians who go to their family while they are hungry, and more than two million others are exposed to a similar fate”.

The organizations indicated that the number of Syrians suffering from food insecurity has increased by 42 percent since last year.

“Almost a decade of war pushed the Syrians into a downward spiral of despair and destitution, getting worse every year, and international assistance is needed now more than ever,” statement said.

The fourth Brussels conference, hosted by the European Union and the United Nations, opens on Tuesday to support those in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria and abroad and host communities in neighboring countries.

In a statement, the organizations considered that unless increased funding and the ability to deliver humanitarian aid “many Syrians, including refugees in the region, will approach the brink of starvation”.

The conflict in Syria since its inception in 2011 has killed more than 380,000 people and displaced more than half of the population inside and outside the country.