Many in the United States think that the Coronavirus threat is “exaggerated” and most of them do not trust Trump

An increasing number of citizens in the United States believe that the threat of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) is exaggerated, but a large majority does not trust the information from President Donald Trump, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

The poll found that many more Republicans than Democrats see the virus as “a bigger problem than it really is”.

The survey indicated that “the total number increased from about three out of every 10 people to nearly four out of every 10 people during the period from April to early June”.

Only about 30 percent of Americans said that President Trump talks about the facts about the epidemic most of the time, while public health institutions have more than twice that rate, specifically about 64 percent. 

There is greater distrust among Republicans toward state, local, and local media.

Among Democrats, there is no confidence in the White House, where only 9 percent of center-left supporters see the Trump administration revealing the actual facts.

The Pew Center said the percentage of Americans who said they were closely following news of the Coronavirus was declining.

The last poll was conducted between 4 and 10 of this month, before the recent increase in cases of infection with the Coronavirus in the states of the south and southeast of the United States, which led to the suspension of revitalization of the economy.