Bloomberg: British companies will need a tax permit to export to the European Union

A British official document revealed that the plan prepared by the government to regulate trade between Britain and the European Union after the end of the transitional period for Britain’s exit from the union includes British companies exporting to the European Union obtaining a permit from the tax authorities before transferring their products to countries the Union.

According to the document circulated by the British Royal Revenue and Customs Administration, any truck will not be able to transport its cargo from Britain to the European Union unless it has a valid certificate from the so-called “cargo vehicle movement service”, a British digital platform that is under development and has not been tested yet.

According to Bloomberg News, truckers will need to fill in customs forms online before moving, in order to obtain the permit.

The government plans to prevent trucks without a license from accessing the ports, although the circulation document did not specify how this should be implemented.

The British government is racing against time to reach arrangements to ensure that trucks and goods do not accumulate on the borders with the European Union, Britain’s largest trading partner, as the recent dispute between Britain and the Union threatens to disrupt the ongoing trade movement between them through the English Channel.

The delay caused by the lack of paper for the passage of trucks can lead to the accumulation of these trucks in lines that extend for several miles in vital British ports such as Dover and the great economic cost.

Bloomberg mentioned that Britain’s record in major IT projects is suspicious, as major projects in many areas from social security to arms purchases have suffered delays and cost overruns. 

Recently, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to abandon its plans to develop what the Prime Minister said would be the world’s largest online application to track emerging Coronavirus patients.