The desperate American plot continues

By: Syrializm Analytics  

The American-western plan to cause a Russian-Chinese dispute continues to worsen relations between the two countries

In addition to the border confrontations currently taking place between China and India within the disputed border areas, the efforts of the United States to create differences and conflicts between Russia and China appear again.

What has increased on the Western media scene recently about attacking Russia and seizing the opportunity of 75 years since the end of the Second World War, as voices have appeared that diminish the role of the Soviet Union in this war, which is contrary to all the facts of history.

The Soviet Union emerged victorious in this war after it suffered more than 25 million dead and great destructions in the country, and it is the incentive that prompted the Soviet Union army to achieve a decisive victory in the war after it was able to absorb the attack of the Nazi Wehrmacht and defeat the Barbarossa plan developed by the Third Reich to defeat the Soviet Union and occupy its land.

The Red Army reached Berlin and entered the Reich building, it’s great Military commander of all time Georgy Zhukov was first “Allies” commander to enter Berlin.

With that, and perhaps what proves the strength of the Red Army’s role in the war is the explicit instructions issued by the leadership of the Nazi Wehrmacht in April 1945, where all the formations and forces fighting on the Eastern Front (the Soviet Front) were ordered to fight until the last man, at a time when it gave its forces the freedom to fight or surrender to the Allied armies in the West, foremost of which is the US Army, proves that the Soviet Army is the army that imposed the end of the Third Reich on the ground, and by the admission of the enemy itself.

Thus, despite of the Nazi Wehrmacht order to his forces, they fall quickly under the heavy and overwhelming advance of the Red Army inside the capital of Adolf Hitler.

Not far from this matter, and with this rabid campaign that started with the beginning of 2020, and in light of the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic and the US-Chinese confrontation due to on whom to blame of the virus spread, with the collapse of oil prices, the Western media raged a war against Russia.

On the one hand, voices emerge that diminish the Soviet Union’s achievements in space exploration, which proves the stupidity of those who run this campaign.

On the other hand, voices that diminished the Soviet Union’s role in World War II also appeared to prove again the stupidity of those who run this campaign.

it seems that the most important part of this systematic campaign, in which a new part has recently appeared, is aiming to create conflicts an unrest for very mean reasons.

According to recent follow-up of some information and materials published and broadcast in the Western media, mainly the American, it has been noted that there has been increasing talk about some historical details that talk about the Korean War and the Sino-Soviet conflict, which suggests a plan to sow discord and re-dig into history to create an uncomfortable atmosphere, especially between Russia and China.

There is no secret, that choosing this very time to bring back these topics, is for break-up the nature of Russian-Chinese cooperation, which is without a doubt is considered to be a nightmare for some in the West, especially under the current international circumstances, and any action undertaken by the Western media or in the diplomatic level with even fabricating or igniting differences between countries in the region as a Russian / Chinese / Indian disagreement / and returning to talk about Hong Kong and China’s endeavor to restore Taiwan, all of which are details that fuel war atmosphere in the region.

Therefore, there is an US intention to work on creating a Sino-Russian dispute.

Caution must be exercised, to intercept any movements that seek to cause differences and disputes, and it should be monitored.

The restoration of the US media talking about the stage of the dispute that took place between the Soviet Union and China, which reached the point of direct military confrontation and the war between the two countries in 1969, at this time, with the emergence of voices questioning the role of the Soviet Union in defeating the Nazis, is evidence of the United States seeking to stoke a state of tension in a sensitive region that brings together superpowers in terms of nuclear capabilities and economic and political influence which countries such as China, Russia, India possess, it is only a way to weaken those countries at a time when the United States is suffering as a result of the continuing crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country and the abhorrent racism that is overwhelming the United States, as the failure of the US administration to deal with these problems, by using the same old trick of exporting its domestic failure to create once again a wag the dog policy.

The continuing exchanges of accusations between the United States and China regarding the responsibility of the spread or perhaps the creation of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus), it is only another desperate way that some of US policymakers insist to pursuit in order to preserve what remains of the United States ’authority over the world that has begun to change.